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ost down. ♪ it means more time doing the things i want to do. it's easy. it's hassle-free. there's no headaches. ♪ i like nonstop travel because... you don't got any more stuff. [ laughter ] [ ding ] mother nature turned up the oven to roast here in maryland and all along the east coast. temperature records aren't just breaking, they're popping. as the mercury flows past 100 in many parts of maryland. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. the heat headlines are remarkable. a record at bwi today, 105 degrees. and just think, a couple of months ago it was a record
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snowfall. now, not las vegas, not phoenix, but frederick was among if not the hots spots in the entire country today, a scorching 106 degrees. and csx which owns the tracks which carry the camden line cut the speed of commuter trains in half because the extreme heat can cause the rails to bend under pressure. maryland is broiling again. and more looks to be on the way. wyatt is here with the first forecast. >> after record smashing heat across maryland today i wish i could tell you things are about to let upment we'll see relief tomorrow. it's not going to happen. we'll see just as much heat, a carbon copy. let's take a look at what we're seeing right now. we just dipped below 90 degrees in dc and baltimore, very, very hot evening in progress out there. and look at some of the highs today. we just alluded to it. frederick at 106 degrees.
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you had to head well to the south united states to see more heat than that. it will continue through to tomorrow night because temperatures will be soaring into the triple digits. we'll be lucky to get below 80 degrees tonight as things stay warm and the humidity climbs tonight and during the day tomorrow. details on the forecast coming up. we're used to hearing about scorching heat in places like death valley, even phoenix or tuscon, but today the nation's hot spot was closer to home. sheryl conner is here with the sizling story out the frederick and a check on the sweltering conditions here. it was hot today. >> reporter: it certainly was. we are back here in north baltimore and the pepsi sign is reading 89 degrees. it was dangerously hot, but on
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this day, frederick, maryland, is noted across the nation. triple digits is one thing. the hottest city in the nation is another. >> this is a microwave. when you walk outside and it's 107 degrees in your vehicle you're in trouble. >> reporter: the chart topper goes to frederick, maryland, 106 degrees on tuesday, hotter that phoenix or las vegas. no sweat for alan, who says the heat helps his body on the tennis court. >> we need the heat to keep the joints loose. >> reporter: as the temperature climbs, most people took a dip. >> i wouldn't take him out here noon, 1:00, it's too hot. we got here about 4:30. >> you get all sweaty and here you can cool down. >> reporter: but the life guards aren't as lucky. >> after work everybody is always wondering how it's possible to be so tired from just sitting but the sun is taking a toll now.
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>> reporter: over at the baseball field, the little league isn't missing practice. the tournament starts on sunday, but the coach bob zeigler is playing it safe with the 11 and 12-year-olds. >> do a round of defense, take a water break. >> reporter: no city in america was left untouched from the heat, but frederick now has bragging rights. >> i was totally shocked. me and my kids were looking at it and my dad said it's 106 degrees in frederick. i said it's good thing i work in montgomery county. >> reporter: for the record, frederick, maryland, goes down as the hottest in the nation with needles, california, again 106 degrees today. let's hope for a break tomorrow. maybe it will drop down to 105. sheryl conner, abc2 news. you know, working outside during a heat wave isn't easy
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especially when you're battling a fire. with the heat in hand, our photographer kim weatherford was there to determine it was 117 degrees in west baltimore. factor in the protective clothing and gear and equipment and be sure there's no such thing as a routine call in weather like this. as the temperature rise, so does your utility bill. utility offers this tip: for every degree you raise your thermostat above 72 you'll save 5 to 7% on cooling costs. cities across the mid-atlanta region are keeping pools open longer to help people beat the heat. baltimore announced today the pools will stay open later on wednesday and thursday and they're opening more cooling centers. the baltimore fire department is staffing additional medic units to handle the heat-related calls. nearly 1,000 people have visited
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the city's cooling centers this year. and you can find some help beating the heat with our hot weather guide. all have to do is head to and check under the weather section. the guide includes the latest forecast and tips to get cool and healthy as the temperatures rise. . in democracy 2010, more election drama well before november. the state attorneys of baltimore city has a serious challenger. he's a former federal prosecutor who works for a downtown law firm. we spoke with both of them tonight. >> pat jessamy has been a prosecutor since 1995. is she part of the solution or part of the problem when it comes to crime in the city? we'll find out what city voters think in just over two means. greg bergstein and jessamy are democrats but the campaign will focus on their differences. >> this city deserves someone
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who has vision and leadership. >> i decided enough was enough and i was going to step up and try to do a better job. >> bernstein says he's running because the conviction rate in baltimore city has been declining for years. >> i think there's a misuse of resources that could be better targeted to prosecuting, convicting, and punishing the more violent criminals. >> reporter: convictions along are not the way to judge her 15-year tenure. >> i can lock up a thousand individuals and if we're doing nothing as a community to prevent crime from occurring, then those individuals will immediately replaced. >> reporter: instead, she says she's promoted criminal justice innovation, using more comprehensive strategies for dealing with crime. >> the best statistic is the reduction in crime. so crime is going down, and one of the consistent things about that is me. >> reporter: the crime rate and the murder rate in baltimore city have dropped in the past 15 years. but burnstein said that has more to do with the police department
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than the state attorney's office. >> she has done wonderful things personally. her charitable work, board work, but as a result i think she's lost sight of her mission. >> reporter: the democratic primary will determine who will serve as the city state's attorney. primary day in maryland is september 14th. christian schaefer, abc2 news. for parents and educators it is the nightmare scenario, a school under attack. today in harford county it looked like the real thing but it was just a drill. it was a drill at deerfield elementary school in edgewood. it included crisis negotiation and training for special response teams. it was funded by a grant from the department of education. federal prosecutors have filed organized crime charges against 15 baltimore area
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members of the black grill gorilla. 20 members have been indicted in federal court since last year. city police need your help tonight in a burdener investigation. a man was found early this morning with multiple gunshot wounds. still no word on his name today. if you have any information about this crime, contact metro crime stoppers, the number is 410-276-8888. . in tonight's consumer alert, it could soon get nor expensive to mail a letter. the u.s. postal service is thinking of an increase from 44 to 46 cents. if approved it would go into effect in january. battling breast cancer is a struggle for any woman but
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having sisters by your side can make a difference. that's what's sister's network tries to do is to offer support and bring attention to the impact breast cancer has in the african american community. >> people have their sororities and sister network is our sorority. you feel the love and encouragement when you come in. you feel the efficacy that we bring to the table. >> sisters network provides women with information on breast cancer related agencies and resources like free mammograms. for more information and find out how you can make a difference check out our website,, and click on the news tab and then click health. police in howard county are hitting the road interacting with the community and having a little fun. the community athletic program or c.a.p. is back for a second year. a mobil rec center staffed by police offersers helping to teach kids what police really do
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for the community. >> we need do activities where kids can relate to us on a personal level rather than just seeing us in uniform as an authority figure. equipment like we have here allows us to do it in a more personal basis. >> for more information on the program log on to our website at, click on the life-style tab and then family. classified information goes public putting american security at risk. now authorities suspect a maryland soldier was on a personal mission sending confidential video viral. what's more, he chambers to have leaked hundreds of thousands of classified reports. plus there's a new trend hitting campgrounds and they're trading in a tent for flat screen tv and a wireless internet. and on the weather front, i don't have to tell you the story, it was heat. 105 a new all-time record out at bwi. are we going to see this again tomorrow? when do we get relieve?
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those answerings coming up.
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. an american soldier with maryland ties charged with making classified data and putting national security at risk a military video leaked last april had a key piece of evidence against the specialist. it shows apache helicopters in 2007 gunning down what turned out to be unarmed men in iraq. >> individuals will weapons. [ [ inaudible ] . >> they have five to six
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individuals with ak-47s. request information to engage. >> come on, fire. [ gunfire ]. >> the army claims the video was leaked by specialist bradley manning along with other pieces of classified information and manning doesn't deny it. the associated press says the shef described humanist bragged of leaking reports, in his words, i want the people to see the truth. manning could face a court-martial. this story tops our look at news from around the nation: according to lawsuit filed by the u.s. department of justice, arizona's controversial new immigration law violates the supremacy clause in the constitution. considered the toughest of its kind in the nation, the law gives police the power to
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question and potentially arrest anyone believed to be in the country illegally. supporters of the law say the federal government isn't doing enough to protect the border. the the last time the prime minister of israel met with president obama the white house wouldn't release pictures of the event. but there was no show of a chill today. and britain's queen elizabeth ii dropped by the big apple for a brief visit her first in 35 years. she spoke at the united nations reflecting on how much the world has changed in her 50 year reign. a family is saying thank you tonight. young marley lopez fell into the water and her brother tried to
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save her. then he struggled himself. >> he was in the water. >> someone on the beach called 911 and a man riding by on a bike saw what was happening, jumped into the water, pulled the victim on to the rocks and started cpr until first responders arrived. the man was revived and taken to the hospital conscious and breathing. the family is grateful to all the strangers who helped to save her life. lindsay lohan lands herself behind bars. today she cried in court as the california judge sentenced her to 90 days in jail for violating her probation involving alcohol counselling. >> my life and it's my career and everything i worked for my entire life, and, you know, i've learned from my experiences. i take responsibility for my actions. >> the actress will it begin serving her sentence july 20th
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and will spend time in a drug and alcohol rehab program after she gets out. so if you trade your tent for a flat screen tv, wireless internet, and a full kitchen, is it still camping? a growing number of people say yes. luxury units are the fastest growing segment of the campground industry. folks at california campground pay between 140 to $200 a night. they have wireless internet, and fresh lynnens in a comfortable cabin. >> you got a kitchenette so if you, you know, refrigerator, microwave, stove, sink, you can do your own cooking. bathroom, a shower. running water, a sink. society has gotten more accustomed to their luxury that they have at home, and so we have moved our way into the lodging accommodation. >> even many of the high-end
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units are pet friendly which campers say is a big selling point. . too hot to be camping today. >> yeah, it would be a tough night tonight. record breaking, record smashing heat, kelly. you just don't see it that often. had one unconfirmed report out of wolvesville of 109 today and that's the hottest temperature we've ever seen in maryland on record is 109. so one of those days, red letter day. you know. and we get one more tomorrow. you'll be so happy to know. >> is that right? >> the air conditioner is working triple time tomorrow once again. take a look outside. still 85 degrees at bwi, warm downtown. hazy, muggy, and that's the other side of the weather story here. today was more of a dry heat. i know it doesn't really matter much once you're in triple digit
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heat but that humidity is beginning to creep up on us and it's worth revisiting these statistics because they're so unusual. 105 the high smashing the record from 1999 by four degrees. today we beat it by four. tomorrow's record 99, i don't think we have trouble breaking it tomorrow, either. 105 at bwi. 100 at easton, dover, delaware, 102, philly, 102. still a warm night out this right now. one of the reasons they kept the heat advisory up, the national weather service because we don't expect to cool off. a warm running start for tomorrow. heat advisory is up from tonight up through 11:00 tomorrow night. excessive heat warnings up as well across the philadelphia area. humidity beginning to cream up now. this is the one component we haven't had to make it really miserable and that's coming into the picture as well. dewpoints pushing closer to 70
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now. in baltimore that begins to feel hot. it may hold our high temp down a couple of degrees. humid air doesn't heat up quite as much as dry air. it will feel like 105 tomorrow afternoon. clear skies, clear and bright and sunny tomorrow. the sunshine will be baking us today. high pressure in control for another day. may scoot south a little bit on thursday, that would allow clouds to come in and hold us in the mid-90s or so. our forecast model, a few clouds around for the ta tomorrow but very, very sunny early on. i think again we're back up well above a hundred. then on thursday, increasing clouds, chance for a pop-up shower or storm as that core of high pressure slides further south. it looks like we'll get into maybe some moisture coming off the ocean and that will hold us down into the mid-90s. hard to believe that will be relief but it will. i don't see much relief for tomorrow, and then into the day on thursday, a few more clouds,
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maybe a little bit of atlanta moisture, 95. here it is tonight. 77, mostly clear, warm, humid, muggy. do what you can to stay cool. tomorrow, in the afternoon, if you have to be out and about, want to double down on the hydration of the liquids and do what you can to say cool. stay in the shade. 103 tomorrow. tomorrow night, nearly 80 overnight. so it is going to be a warm and hazy night. not much relief as we go toward thursday and friday. slightly cooler, the chance of a shower or storm thursday and again on friday. and then a second boundary comes through on friday and should bring in slightly cooler conditions. it will be 90 as opposed to the low 100s. it's about the fine shades of difference right now, kelly. we'll be right back after a break. signal.
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airborne. beautiful. and strong. there to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you. rule the air.
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and about what's happening in the gulf? here's what you need to know -- florida has 825 miles of beaches... 1,260 miles of coastline. there are plenty of places in florida where you can enjoy crystal clear waters and a great beach vacation. see for yourself in real-time at florida live... webcams, daily video, beach updates and real photos to help you find your own florida beach. get the facts. go to florida live at
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. this is kevin heights with the press box sports report. uruguay surprise run in the world cup ended today in a 3-2 loss to the netherlands. uruguay scored to make it 3-2 in stoppage time but it was too little too late and the dutch fans celebrated their first final since 1977. the oryals put millwood on the disabled list with a strained right forearm. to fill his spot on the roster they activated if he liks pela. baltimore's ncaa summer
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basketball league tipped off today. five local division one teams will compete with teams including players from st. mary's and johns hopkins. the championship game is set for july 15th. . tomorrow on good morning maryland, it's blistering hot and kids are on their bicycles but safety comes first. the top five tips to keep your kids from getting butched and bruise. this story plus weather, traffic, and more coming up tomorrow on good morning
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. all right, kelly. here it is. through your day tomorrow we're talking about, yeah, 97 but lunchtime, 103 in the afternoon. another scorching day. heat advisory, do what you can to be careful out there. we have a code red air quality alert. so it's unhealthy for sensitive groups. heat advisory statewide tomorrow, an excessive heat warnings. another one of those scorched earth days, and into the seven-day forecast we get some slight relief thursday, and more
11:31 pm
this weekend. but, july has some teeth this year. we'll just say that. >> this feels like august. before your feet touch the ground getting out of bed we'll be in the 80s. >> we're well in the 80s as soon as the sun comes up. >> got to love it. thanks for watching us tonight. back tomorrow at 5, 6, and 11. see you then. >> cold beverages, lots of cold beverages.
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it pays to get more. it pays to discover.

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